About Xiamen | 厦门简介

Xiamen, or many tourists may call it Amoy, is located on the southeast coast of China, under the jurisdiction of China’s Fujian Province. The city shares the characteristics of a metropolis as well as the quietness and ease of a romantic town. Such a unique contrast plus the year-around pleasant weather and climate make Xiamen a perfect place for holiday. In Xiamen, there are countless amazing tourist islands and beaches waiting for your steps, including the world-renowned Gulangyu Island - the sacred UNESCO World Heritage Site and "Garden on the Sea". The fresh and floral air energizes you. The warm and tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking natural costal beauty renews you. Every moment in Xiamen is just like a dream! So it comes no surprise there are so many tourists from all over the world gather in Xiamen every year.

In addition to being a hot tourist city itself, Xiamen is also a hot starting city for those visitors planning an in-depth Fujian tour. Many visitors extend their Xiamen tours to its nearby Fujian Tulou clusters, Xiapu Mudflat, Wuyi Mountain, etc.

Why Visit Xiamen, Fujian, China?
Gulangyu Island - Gulangyu Island enjoys the reputations of "Garden on the Sea", "World Architecture Expo" and "The Island of Music".
A Popular Gateway to Fujian Tulou Clusters - Fujian Tulou clusters are only 2.5~3.5 hours from Xiamen by driving. Tulou is a kind of unique dwelling of the Hakka and Hoklo people built with wood and fortified with mud walls.
Stunning Coastal Scenery with Pleasant Weather All Year Around - Xiamen enjoys a pleasant weather all year around. It is neither too hot nor too cold there.
A Vital Witness and Story Teller of Modern Chinese History - Xiamen once played a vital role in the wars and history of modern China.
Seafood Paradise - Thanks to its unbeatable location of setting close to the sea, Xiamen is really a paradise for seafood.

Useful Xiamen Maps
To help you to know more about Xiamen attractions, we have selected some useful Xiamen maps for you. Please feel free to use them. For more maps of Xiamen, please see 2021 Xiamen Maps>> | Xiamen Gulangyu Island Maps >> | Xiamen Metro Map >>

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